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In 2009, Kansas Citians threw away 150 million pounds of perfectly good glass. To the dismay of the people at Boulevard Brewing Company, this included some 10 million empty Boulevard bottles – lost forever, buried in local landfills.

Area businesses use nearly 200 million pounds of recycled glass every year, so why was it so hard to recycle glass? Because there was no nearby facility to process the glass. And why no local processor? Because, in classic chicken-and-egg fashion, there was almost no local recycling.

The folks at Boulevard finally got tired of being part of the problem. So, with the support of local companies and community organizations, they came up with a solution—Ripple Glass.



Ripple constructed a state-of-the-art processing plant, and placed dedicated glass recycling containers throughout the metro area. We found a local customer that converts the recycled glass into fiberglass insulation, saving enormous amounts of energy and dramatically lowering emissions, and a business in Tulsa that turns amber glass back into bottles, including those used by Boulevard!

The Ripple effect has spread. Find a beautiful Purple Bin now in Kansas City, Jefferson City, Branson, Lawrence, Omaha, and Sioux City. Ripple’s facility is processing glass from all over the region, helping over 80 other communities keep glass out of their landfills while giving it the new life it deserves.

It’s a great way to close the loop, protect the environment, support area businesses and even make homes more energy efficient.

But it only works with your help. Help us do the right thing. Help us give glass a second chance.


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