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ADA Cardano News: ADA Joins Bittrex and Abra

ADA Cardano News: ADA Joins Bittrex and Abra


Despite the crypto market’s bearish nature returning once again, recent ADA Cardano news still managed to remain mostly positive.

ADA Cardano news allow investors to stay optimistic

This year has been marked as one of the worst ones in the recent history of cryptocurrencies. Ever since mid-January, cryptos have been experiencing price drops almost constantly, and bad news continued to pile up. However, despite this, there were a few coins that have made progress, even though their prices went down with the rest of them.

Cardano (ADA) is a crypto that has experienced a significant increase in visibility and exposure, even though its price followed the behavior of the rest of the market. The most recent positive ADA Cardano news have seen this coin joining some big exchanges, with Bittrex being the most important one. In adding ADA, Bittrex exchange added to the coin’ popularity, confidence, and trust.

Another big and positive Cardano news includes the coin joining the Abra wallet. These two entities made a big step towards mass crypto adoption, and have made a big step ahead of the others.

Cardano joins Abra and Bittrex

Cardano’s addition to a known exchange and wallet are a clear signal that the demand for digital assets and fiat currency is there. Still, the fiat pairing will not include all cryptos, since there are strict parameters that the coins need to meet. Mostly, the listing will only include those coins that have a potential for extra liquidity.

Cardano is definitely one of them, but it seems that ZCash might be another such coin. When it comes to Cardano, its goal is to achieve mass adoption primarily in developing countries. The population of these countries usually has very limited access to banking services. The problem grew even more since the fees for such services skyrocketed. However, the population of developing countries still has an access to smartphones and the internet, which is all they need to make use of Cardano. Now, through partnerships such as Abra and Bittrex, ADA is one step closer to offering its services to these populations.

Right now, Bittrex is only processing those deposits that came from the accounts created prior to September 4th. Ensuring that all accounts are KYC compliant is a lengthy process, so it might take some time before the platform completes it. Still, for those looking for good ADA Cardano news, this one ranks pretty high.

Additional benefits to the partnership with Bittrex will include quite advanced security levels and very low transaction fees. ADA pairing is also much more secure than USDT pairing since this option tends to erode the value of other coins due to market’s volatility. ADA has no such issues and can provide its traders with a direct link to numerous fiat currencies.

The timing of these partnerships couldn’t have been more perfect for everyone involved. The current crypto market situation is getting worse each day, and crypto/fiat interaction is dropping alarmingly. Even though this Cardano news did not really improve the price of the coin, it still gave it quite a boost.

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