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Best FREE Poloniex Profit Spreadsheet

Best FREE Poloniex Profit Spreadsheet

If you are into trading, which I am very very much so and use Poloniex a lot then you may know it can be really tough sometimes to see or track your profit. So you think a spreadsheet will be perfect for you to track your crypto trades but you cant make one as you are not an Excel Guru. This is the situation I was in, nearly all spreadsheets are paid for and usually are not cheap which I think is ridiculous considering we are all in this to try and make some money.

That was until I came across “guesswho1234” FREE poloniex spreadsheet on bitcointalk. I have followed this spreadsheet and in the early days it was not great, was tricky to use and not very clear on how it works. I have now returned to the new version of his spread sheet and wow it is absolutely perfect for us Poloniex traders. First of all its free, which is a great gesture from gueswho1234 as you can see how much work has been put into this spreadsheet. Secondly it is so so easy to use its unreal. Simply click the data button, load your Polo tradehistory.csv, select a date and check your profits

Bitcointalk thread is here showing latest revisions and download link

Direct download link, advise checking above for latest version

If you feel generous you can tip guesswho1234 for his hard work on this spreadsheet, this info is taken from his forum profile

mark me on poloniex (btm): /mark cryptoexchange

donate (btc): 1L1dUy9iuakec4kSDhs3KuMw3gEfwhuqsJ


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