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Bittrex Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of bittrex.com

Bittrex Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of bittrex.com

just put 1 star because I made an…

just put 1 star because I made an account, but before sending anything to this exchange, I wanted to see the reviews ( after getting screwed by Bitebtc aka Fedlio . thanks everyone, and I hate to see people lose money..

Every day more similar to that hitbtc…

Every day more similar to that hitbtc scammerland. They were a seroius provider with an high standard helpdesk support; from some time, monthes are required to solve silly withdrawn problems and it’s all raining new listing all around. Something has change and not in better.

Bittrex Customer Support Number

Bittrex is a trading platform that offers trading various digital cryptocurrency. the technical team supports instant transactions without any delay.if you are facing any problem of Bittrex account and you need help then contact at Bittrex Customer Support Number 1 (888) 287-8183.this is established in 2014.it is most famous cryptocurrency in the world. You can talk through your phone to which the easly will connect. You can call anytime when you need our team will be ready for your help.

Bittrex will do literally absolutely…

Bittrex will do literally do absolutely nothing if your account gets hack. They are absolutely terrible and deserve zero stars. Only trust them with your money if you plan to lose it all.

Used to be a trustable exchange..

Used to be a trustable exchange… Till the scam you, as exchanges always do.
They blocked my account with $5000 inside and doesn’t let me withdraw until I send them a photo, something I never agreed.

Scam site

Scam site. I deposited in total around 4 btc, within a period of 1 month, then they started asking me a lot questions including the identity of the people I got the btc from!!!! (what?? ) , along with other documentation.

Stay away from this exchange. That’s why it is going down.

Bittrex locked my account without…

Locked my account without reason or prior notification and require passport details to unlock.

Appear to be gathering personal data rather than looking after my money.

I will certainly look elsewhere in the future.

I don’t hold out much hope of deleting my data either, what GDPR, but at least they won’t be able to retire on what money they did have.

I live in NY State and my coins we’re taken

I live in NY State and believe my coins we’re eliminated and or stolen internally by someone at Bittrex. Anytime I have checked my coins I am sent a message that my device is not recognized. I did not get such a msg whenever the coins we’re eliminated. I also use verification so a number would have to be provided. I can’t believe that a thief from the outside took such a small $ amount of coins.

Bittrex is getting sue for 3 Billion…

Bittrex is getting sue for 3 Billion Dollars, unless they refund all money lost to account users. I personally lost $80K so I am happy

check the story in Medium

Locking accounts without prior notice

Locking accounts without giving a reason, without prior notice, without letting users choose to withdraw all their funds instead, and requiring users verifying themselves like a criminal.
Together with unreasonable high trade fee, and also history of stolen verification info of their users by hackers (they tout themselves a secure platform), there are actually no reasons to use this exchange.

One of the worst exchange

One of the worst exchange ! The UI is something like those tier 9 exchanges , a lot of restrictions , your fund might get lock there anytime .Stay away from this exchange if you don’t want trouble.

WORST exchange ever !They just locked…

WORST exchange ever !They just locked my account due to the fact I haven’t verified my account, because I couldn’t in the chrome browser, is a known issue for them, they just don’t tells people in the verification proces about this issue. Then I verified the account with my passport and picture of myself. My account is still locked. I texting the customer service about the issue, and the reply was that, I have to send my passport and a picture of my self again. two weeks waist of time! just leave them alone, and use another exchange site !

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