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Foreign Exchange For Cyber Security

Foreign Exchange For Cyber Security

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Every day, we’re playing a bigger part in the $60 billion cyber export industry. We have a special Cyber Security desk in London and Tel Aviv, to help you get the best deal on corporate money transfers. Do you sell in US Dollars and run your business in Pounds, Euros or Shekels? Whatever your reason for transfer or payment flows, we can help you get a faster, cheaper and fairer currency deal.



There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.



There is a minimum transfer size of 5,000 GBP equivalent to ensure quality of service.

Save up to 0 GBP versus your bank

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Fee £20.00 FREE

What could you do with your savings

book the best transfer rates online

Why do Cyber Security companies choose to benchmark live currency quotes on CurrencyTransfer.com?

Do you make 50% + of your sales outside of your home country? UK, European and Israeli companies who export some $60 billion in cyber-related products need a cost-effective and trusted currency partner. We know that every money transfer tells it’s own story. You work hard for your export sales. With staff who have worked in Cyber, we know your space and it’s challenges, and we’re here to make sure your transfers have the happy and secure ending they deserve.

Signing a new contract and being part of a growing cyber market is exciting. Since 2013, the sheer number of investments in cyber companies has grown by over 40%. We can help boost your profitability and bottom line by offering a cheaper international money transfer deal, with no transfer fees.

The live marketplace is open 24/5, is safe, transparent and backed up by your own Personal Currency Concierge.

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Build a Plan

We work with you to build a tailor‑made solution to meet your unique needs.

Get a Live Quote

Lock in and book your payment through the supplier selected by your relationship manager.

Transfer Funds

Transfer the funds for your payment to the selected supplier. Your funds will be tracked throughout the process.

Sit Back and Relax

Allocate your recipient and enjoy a simple, easy, and better global transactions experience.

Independent & impartial. Our secret recipe

Offical Global Payments
Partner to Leeds United

We Score Big Savings

CurrencyTransfer.com is proud to be the Official Global Payments Partner of Leeds United Football Club.

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“Not only does the platform give us the confidence of getting the best rate on our international transfers. It enables us to quickly cut out the extra costs.”

Peter H

Peter H, Director

“The platform has saved me a lot of time, I’m no longer calling different brokers and comparing market rates. I would recommend it to all my friends.”

Marie C

Marie C, Finance Manager

“Working with CurrencyTransfer was an absolute pleasure and has saved me absolutely heaps of money. Not only that, but they were incredibly informative.”

Daniel D

Daniel D

Helping Technology companies Globally

Maximizing Charity Rates On Spot Transfers

Sending money monthly from the US to Israel or the UK? You can make a same day money transfer on major currency pairings. You’ll save up to 85% via better than bank exchange rates, pay no transfer fees whateoever. You can also set target exchange rates and worst case stop loss scenarios with your Personal Currency Concierge. Always available, within three rings.

Reserve Favorable Rates With A Forward Contract

On the CurrencyTransfer.com marketplace, you can reserve favourable rates today for up to 12 months in advance. This protects your cyber security business against volatility in the currency markets. A deposit may be required, which you can discuss with your Personal Currency Concierge. We can help you tailor the ideal risk management strategy for your annual currency turnover.

Experienced team. Secure Transfers

We curate the payment providers on our marketplace, who are authorized and regulated by institutions such as the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and the Israeli Ministry of Finance. All client money is held in secure and safe segregated client accounts, with tier 1 banks globally such as Barclays. We do not hold nor speculate with client funds. Our team has over 20 + years combined experience in deliverable foreign exchange. Your funds are always secure.

Helping Business Clients Worldwide

The Currency Transfer Specialists Are On Call

Questions or need a tip? Our friendly team have your back. We would love you to get started today


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