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How To Create A Poloniex Currency Exchange Account

How To Create A Poloniex Currency Exchange Account

Poloniex is a cryptocurrency exchange company. They allow you to buy and exchange cryptocurrency with mainstream currency. In this article, you get a step-by-step guide on setting up your account. You start on the Poloniex home page.

The first thing is click on is the, “Create your account” button in the middle of the screen, or the link at the top right of the screen.

Create your account poloniex

Clicking on the button takes you to their registration page. You then register by selecting which country you are from, entering your email address and creating a password. Complete the reCaptcha and agree to their terms.

Register Poloniex

It then takes you to the page where you are supposed to activate your account. They send you an email with an activation link on it. Check your emails as the website says to do, and click the activation link they send you.

Check your email and confirm the letter poloniex

The email should be in inbox but check your Junk folder. Click the link if you wish, but I prefer to press the right button, use the menu, and open with a new tab. The image below shows you what the email confirmation may look like.

Email confirmation Poloniex

With reference to the email image above. Notice how the email address is from Poloniex. It is yet another clue that you are signing up with the correct company and not a fake website version.

Go back onto the main page of the Poloniex website and sign in using the email and password you have set your account up with. You can also see on the image below that your email address has been validated.

Sign in Poloniex

Next, the Poloniex website will complete a security check that may take around 5 seconds. You can see what that looks like in the image below.

Security Check Poloniex

Then fill in your profile verification. You can see from the image below what the company is expecting from you. They are also expecting you to give them some sort of photo ID, so you may wish to avoid Poloniex if you are not happy giving away copies of your photo ID.

Profile Verification Poloniex

Click the box that says, “I agree to the Terms of use” before you click to save your profile. As you can see by the image below, it is very easy to miss. When I signed up, I missed it and they made me fill out the entire form again.

Terms of use and click on save profile

You are going to have to wait between three days and just over a week before you are verified. You are able to play around with your account before you are verified, but you cannot make trades. Poloniex is not the sort of website you go to if you are in a rush for bitcoin, or if you don’t want to give away copies of your photo ID.



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