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Huobi, One of World’s Largest Crypto Exchanges, Invests in OpenFinance Network

one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world, has entered into a
strategic partnership, including a significant investment, with OpenFinance
(OFN), the premier US-compliant security token trading
platform. The partnership will provide both parties exposure to new
markets and allow for collaboration across multiple aspects of token

As interest in crypto expands beyond utility tokens and currencies,
security tokens continue to gain appeal. Huobi’s strategic investment in
OFN, whose platform launched earlier this summer, is indicative of the
momentum toward a more regulated security token market and growing
confidence in the US market in particular.

OFN has made a name for itself as the leading platform for trading
US-compliant security tokens, while Huobi has become one of the world’s
largest exchanges, boasting a global share of 50% at one point and
accumulative turnover exceeding $1 trillion.

“We believe that security tokens are the future of finance, and that
Huobi’s investment in our trading platform is reflective of the rising
interest around the globe in this emerging financial ecosystem,” said
Juan M. Hernandez, CEO of OpenFinance Network.

Will Wang, Huobi’s Head of Business Development and Investment for North
America, echoed Hernandez’s sentiment, “Huobi Eco has always been
committed to providing support and solutions for Huobi to operate within
the compliant requirements of every country in which we do business.
This is even more important as our market matures. We are looking
forward to collaborating with OpenFinance and applying blockchain
technology to revolutionize the financial technology market.”

Huobi, seeking to enter the US market, opened their HBUS unit in June.
The investment and partnership with OFN better solidifies their
competitive position in the US.

Learn more about OpenFinance Network, register today on their website,
and join their community and social channels:

Website: https://www.openfinance.io/

About OpenFinance Network

is a trading and settlement platform for the security token
industry. The platform serves as a conduit between issuers, investors,
and industry stakeholders, offering streamlined access to liquidity and
asset transfer efficiencies. The team has over fifty years of combined
experience in financial markets, exchange technology, and finance law.
Securities offered through Sageworks Capital, LLC, an affiliated entity,
a registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA & SIPC.

About Huobi

Huobi Group is the Leading Global Blockchain Asset Financial Service
Provider. They have offered quality service for over millions of users
from over 130 countries. Their independent service centers are located
in many countries including Singapore, Korea, Hong Kong (China) and
China Mainland. In terms of technology platform, product branch line,
security risk management system, operation and customer service, Huobi
Group and its sub-brands are at a world-leading level compared with
global peers.


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