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Huobi Review: C+ | Bitcoin Exchange Reviews on TheBlogChain


  • 0% fees, resulting in very high liquidity
  • Volume also quite high as a result: they report volume in excess of 100K BTC / day.
  • Lending arrangements based on a VIP system that I don’t completely understand due to it being in Chinese. You can leverage, and it appears to be at rates of about .2%/day.
  • Located in Beijing proper


  • 0% fees, ultra-high liquidity
  • Possibility of leverage, semi-reasonable rates
  • Good customer service, fairly reputable business


  • Lots of disputes about their trading volume, several have claimed they are lying or exaggerating. Here and here for examples.
  • They’re in China

Arbitrary Huobi Review Ratings:

Legitimacy: 7/10

Ease of Use: 7/10 Trading Utility: 7/10 Customer Service: ?/10 Would I recommend it to my mother? No.

Summary: If you don’t expect the Chinese situation to get worse, it seems like an okay place to be at. 0% fees are almost (but not quite) as good as the Maker-Taker offered by BTCChina or the various benefits of using OKCoin (leverage, futures)

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