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Poloniex – MultiCharts

The Poloniex data feed is configured by default. The connection is free and works without any credentials.

To change the default settings:

1. In the QuoteManager main menu select Tools and then click Data Sources, highlight Poloniex in the list of all supported data vendors and click the Settings button. The Poloniex Settings window is opened.
2. Main tab:
In the Connectivity section one can check/uncheck the following options enabled by default:

  • Use heartbeats for connection loss detection – heartbeats are utilized for detecting connection loss and reconnecting. If heartbeats are not being received from the server – reconnect is done. Specify the frequency of heartbeats in seconds in the Timeout field.
  • Show Error pop-up alert – show pop-up messages notifying the user if some Volume Multiplier parameters require changes.

In the Historical Data section, one can select what will be used for plotting minute bars.

  • Select the using ticks radio button to build historical minute bars from ticks;
  • Select the using five minute bars radio button to build historical minute bars from five minute bars.

3. Volume Multiplier tab:

For cryptocurrencies volume value which is displayed on charts will be divided by the multiplier specified for an instrument in the data feed settings in order to get real volume. In MultiCharts volume cannot be expressed by a fraction. Volume Multiplier is used to display an integral value instead of 0.

By default, Volume Multiplier is equal to 10000. It is possible to set up Volume Multiplier individually for each instrument depending on the traded volume of this instrument. In order to do it one needs to type in the multiplier value in the corresponding field next to an instrument or modify it using the up and down arrows.

You can learn more about the Volume Multiplier feature in the corresponding wiki section.


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