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What top tier companies use Python?

What top tier companies use Python?

Let us see top companies that are using Python –

  1. Walt Disney Feature Animation-It uses Python as a scripting language for animation. All the magic that happens in Disneyland has a bit of Python behind it.
  2. Yahoo! Maps – It uses Python in many of its mapping lookup services & addresses.
  3. Instagram –Instagram moved to Python 3 is just great example of a gigantic tech company using python in combination with Django. Instagram has about 400M of daily active users who share more than 95M photos & videos. Instagram choose Python because of its simplicity & popularity.

4. Spotify- Spotify also trust Python & applies it in its backend service as well as Data Analysis purposes. The backend of a Spotify consist of a Plethora of separate services, connected by means of the messaging protocol developed in house. 80% of the services are based on Python while remaining 20% on languages like Java and C or C++.

5. Amazon- Amazon uses Python because of its popular, scalable & appropriate for dealing with Big Data that’s the big plus for the kind of solutions Amazon strived to create.

6. Survey Monkey- Survey Monkey use Python were its simplicity, tons of libraries allowing to build Web Apps faster, as well as facilitating working with deployment, Unit Testing, etc.

7. Facebook- Facebook decided to use Python as the core language for the backend of their applications connected with image processing.

8. Google- Google is one of the most popular search engine in the world, has been built using Python. It allows google to switch the traffic & figure out the requirements of search.

9. YouTube – Python has been the driving force behind YouTube, used by millions for downloading & uploading videos of all hues and sizes. YouTube has been coded in a way which makes it easier & extremely interactive for the user.

10. Quora- Quora is a portal where you get your answers. Quora’s language programming has been developed using Python’s framework.

11. Dropbox- Many of our choices to store our data are going online. We create a document, we save it & we share it. It is the ideal way to preserve your documents online. This file hosting has been created by using Python.

12. Reddit- It is a place where you can find a lot of information & entertainment across thousands of categories. Popularly called internet’s front page has been developed by using Python.

13. Bitly- The popular link management platform created by Peter Stern in 2008 shortens close to 600 million links annually. This website also owes greatly to Python as it came into existence because of Python.

14. IBM –IBM uses Python for its factory tool control applications.

15. Nokia- Nokia make uses of Python for S60 and also Python for Maemo for its S60 & Maemo software platforms.

16. NASA- The NASA uses Workflow Automation System, an application written & developed in Python. It also uses Python for Astronomy Picture of the Day, API, PyMDP Toolbox, Everest, PyTransit.

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