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Will Cardano (ADA) reach $100?

Cardano is a solid and safe medium profit earner after a phenomenal opening in its first six weeks. It’s price gains are now dependent on each stage and release of its technology and delivering that technology and how the market is behaving.
It is a long term investment being meticulously developed for when Crypto currency becomes fully operational and adopted by the world community in three to five years.
Cardano’s 3rd generation technology is already more advanced than most of the coins available but it will really shine and prove itself superior when all the speculative shit coins and pretenders in the market are exposed and eliminated Then all coins will be measured by their practical everyday application security interoperability, scalability, versatility and cost in which Cardano will exceed expectation
Cardano is one of the only coins that is compatible with government regulation as is Ripple, it has one of the only block chains that can’t be hacked that’s based on Haskell mathematical algorithm’s. It’s Daedaelus wallet is super safe. It is releasing Shelly smart contracts in June so will be able to do every kind of transaction and it already has fast transaction volume and speed. The other strength is it’s block chain has no requirement to create a hard fork but in the event will only need an internal soft fork.
Its main competitor is Ethereum who will release Plasma this year, if it happens before Cardano releases Shelly, Cardano will plateau out although not for long as Cardano’s technology is complete right off the bat and its blockchain can adapt if need be. The top five market leaders rely on patches and hard fork alternatives to maintain their 1st and 2nd generation technologies and competitive edge Cardano doesn’t need to.
Will it reach $100 yes but not for two to three years at least unless it is hyped and speculated. For the time being it has a large cap as it has been designed to be accessible and affordable to the entire world community which will limit it’s price. However this year it will have significant gains and should hit $5 by midyear and $10 by the end of December. It may also skyrocket along the way then correct itself so if it was go higher due to the volatility of the market I would sell.


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